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OLYMPIACOS is a synonym for football. It could be no other way, since this is the club that has won more championships than anyone else. Being a truly modern European club with a glorious past, Olympiacos invests in the future by placing particular emphasis on the development of the Academy and Football Schools.

Olympiacos’ football schools represent the first introductory step to sports and developmental exercise, where children from 5 to 15 years have their first contact with football and Olympiacos. UEFA certified coaches develop not only good athletes but great personalities.

,,Our main aspiration is to encourage and support all our young friends to get involved with sports, join the Olympiacos family and imbue them with proper athletic, pedagogical and Olympiacos-related values.''

Olympiacos network of football schools deployed activities of both training and educational nature, have a social and cultural aspect and develop active charitable activities.



Our vision is to develop talented young footballers, form them in to top footballers and become the home-grown players of the first team.  

Our mission is to educate talented young footballers in a world-class environment with highly committed and professional staff. Our ultimate goal is to encourage, inspire and empower each player and coach to be able to reach their full potential within the game and in life.


Our Soccer Club pledges to govern all of our endeavors so that:

  • All of our youth players can train and play in a safe environment

  • All children will better themselves as athletes, in character, and will learn the importance of teamwork and belonging, the backbone of the Olympiacos family

  • All of our affairs will be conducted with integrity and honesty

  • Our Club will be associated with fair play and good sportsmanship

  • All people involved in Our Soccer Club will be treated with respect

  • We will at all times strive for excellence in all we do

  • We will always remember that we are training children and that will govern our decisions


By joining the Olympiacos Dubai Academy and becoming a part of this glorious family all players are entitled to:

  • Be trained by our Professional and Certified Coaches with the latest theory on football

  • Be evaluated by the Home Academy coaches and scouts

  • Visit the home academy in Greece meet the professional players

  • Play in the Olympiacos home Arena, and visit the Olympiacos Museum

  • Participate in the Grand Annual Tournament in Greece, and compete with all Olympiacos academies worldwide (Washington, Chicago, Melburne, LA, and the Greek Academies)

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Questions‭? ‬Feel free to reach out to head of the Olympiacos Academy Dubai - Mr. Zoran Radulovic

Tel: +971 50 10 26265    Email:

*Thanks! Mr. Zoran Radulovic will get back to you soon.


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